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FFA Employee - Husband - Step Dad
Brother - Son - Believer - Student
Painter - Percussionist - Athelete
ESPN Fanatic - Red Box Enthusiast

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About Me [arrow-down.png]

kensley o. lewis Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Kensley Lewis and I am a passionate web developer. During the day, I write, speak and dream in code. I also administer web applications, customize plug-ins and play with frameworks. During my free time I create graphics with Adobe Photoshop and build games with the jQuery plug-in gameQuery.

Finally, I highly recommend CMS Made Simple as a tested and true content management system.


gameQuery Apps [arrow-down.png]

Web Sites [arrow-down.png]

Web Development is the heart and soul of KLPGO.
Below you will find a collection of my best works.


Give the Gift of Blue

An FFA custom project which was built to invite sponsors to help FFA members who cannot afford to purchase FFA jackets. This HTML5 responsive web page has a dynamic menu system which scrolls wherever you go.

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National FFA Organization

This is an ongoing full-team project that is geared towards students, teachers and advisers. I can't say enough about the developers who have played a key role in the project and give them props. This site is built on SharePoint 2010 Enterprise and is fully customized on both the back-end architecture and front-end interface.

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Convention & Expo

This is another ongoing project built on top of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. FFA Convention & Expo is always a blast. This custom site captures the feel of the annual event with dramatic colors and lights, smooth drop-down menus and crisp YouTube videos. Design and front-end development credit also extends out to Dimitri Morson and Kreigh Hirschy for their time and efforts.

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The Council

This site is fully featured with jQuery sliders, custom tooltips and expandable menus. This was a team effort project between myself and web designer Leonard Clay.

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JYMA - Non Emergancy Transportation Service

JYMA is a demo mobile web project which runs on jQuery Mobile. This is a convenient one page site that consists of a jQuery slider, 3 tabs to click on and rich graphics.

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Farmers Finest

Farmers Finest is an Indiana based food service company. This mobile site is powered by jQuery mobile. On the home page you will find an extensive menu of delicious food items. You can also click on any of the navigation menu buttons to view more details.

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Nick Ivanovich

I was fortunate to take over the project back in 2011. Nick continues to tour around Indiana, playing contemporary folk music with a taste of rock. This CMS Made Simple site takes full advantage of the Gmail Calendar, RSS feeds, Yahoo media player and YouTube videos through the YouTube JavaScript API.

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New Paradigm Christian Church

This was a major web project for a church based in Broadripple of Indiana. I created the entire design and development process back in 2010. As a result, the church has increased in membership and has received many visitors due to the web site. The site runs on CMS Made Simple and uses the Gmail Calendar and Yahoo Media player as well.

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Redeemer On The Mount

This was a major web project for a church based in Pittsburgh, PA. The client wanted something welcoming, elegant and to the point. I created the entire design and development process back in 2008. The site is nested in CMS Made Simple and makes use of a Yahoo Media Player.

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Consol Energy - Careers Site

While working at Blattner Brunner Inc. in 2006, I had the privilege of joining a very talented team of web developers and designers in the building process of this flash site project. I was responsible for the HTML development.

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Graphics [arrow-down.png]

Since 2002, I have been designing logos, icons, banners, web page layouts and various documents with Adobe Photoshop. Below are some samples of my works.

FFA paper

FFA Paper

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FFA twitter bird

FFA Twitter Bird

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The snow is gone

The Snow Is Gone

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Cambodia (original)

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Cambodia (remix)

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Dragon Ball Z

DBZ - The Movie

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Fruit Loops

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